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Harajuku is Tokyo's teenager town, a shopping and entertainment district for the young and trendy. Many small stores, boutiques, restaurants and cafes can be found in the area. It is located in Shibuya-ku, north of the Shibuya shopping district and just next to the entrance of the Meiji Shrine and Yoyogi Park.

Harajuku's main attraction is the Takeshita Street, a narrow and busy pedestrian street featuring various small stores.

The Omotesando, sometimes refered to as Tokyo's Champs-Elysees, is a broad avenue lined with trees that starts just outside of Harajuku Station.

It is recommended to visit Harajuku on weekends when Japan's teenage culture can be observed best.
taken from japan-guide.com

If you are interested in Harajuku and the Japanese Street Fashion ~> very welcome here!
It's not just Fashion we want to see and read!Purikuras,accessories,cosplay or convention reports/photos,japanese fashion magazine scans,Event News etc.
Post about the experiences you made,visiting Harajuku and so on. (I think you know what it's about now ne?^^)
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